Interviewing and Booking a Newly Qualified Maternity Nurse

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Interviewing and Booking a Newly Qualified Maternity Nurse


After discussing your needs with a HATA Consultant you will be sent profiles of available trainees for your consideration. You should then interview your HATA Newly Qualified Maternity Nurse in person, or if this is not possible then over the phone or Skype.newbord3_172127033[1]

To register your position with HATA there is a small fee of £45.


Observational placements are generally unpaid and those are with less experienced Newly Qualified Maternity Nurses.   The trainee will expect to have some   ‘hands on’ time they are primarily there to observe and link what they have learned to their practice.

Work experience opportunities are paid, but typically at a lower rate than a fully qualified and experienced Maternity Nurse or Night Nanny. The current rate for experienced qualified Maternity Nurse is minimum of £200 per 24 hours. HATA’s trainees will have different past experience, so they also will have different expectations.  However, if you feel that the rate of your favourite person is too high, they still might accept lower rate or no pay  if they have free time or the particular experience will boost their profile. It is expected that the fee will at least cover the basic expenses such as travel. Maternity Nurses and Night Nannies work on a self-employed basis, so they take care of the tax or other HRMC deductions.


Trainees should only work for maximum of 60 hours per placements. Overnight stay should be paid at the rate of the minimum of £50 directly to the trainee.

Verification  Maternity Nurses, Sleep Consultant/Night Nanny

All HATA trainees should have the following:
up to date DBS check
Maternity Nurse Qualification Certificate

Work agreement

Our maternity nurses and night nannies have as part of their course received training in drawing up and negotiating their own terms of business. They provide you with a contract for their services. We strongly recommend having a written agreement even where the placement is not remunerated.


To register your vacancy, please call us on 020 3551 9373 or send an email to