Maternity Nursing (non-medical) Course – OCN Level 3 & 4

About The Course

This course is designed for those who want to become private, non-medical Maternity Nurses, those who would like to further their skills when looking after new-borns and those who are already experienced and would like to receive a qualification to get more recognition in their profession.

HATA Maternity Nurse training is the most intensive in the industry, requiring 4 days (2 weekends) in the classroom in order to achieve Level 4. Students may choose a 2 day option to achieve the Level 3. The extra time in the classroom allows students to interact with the trainer and reflect on their personal experience, particularly that acquired between the first and second weekends.

The courses are held in central London (Victoria).

Distance learning:

Distance learning offers students the flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world and at any time.

It offers a new way of combining innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction with the tutor and fellow students from around the world.

For more information on this, please email to:



The student will receive two certificates, one from OCN to show they have passed the required credits, and one from HATA stating the level they passed at.


At the end of the course the learners receive assessment questions and have 6 weeks to complete their work. Students are able to contact their tutor and assessor if any assistance is needed. The assessment can be returned either by email or by post.

The tutor then marks the assessment and informs the student about their pass. There are 3 levels of achievement.

For those that have passed, once HATA receives the instruction from the tutor, the request is sent to OCN in order for them to issue the certificate to the student.This process should take no more than two weeks.

Extensions: In a situation where the student is not available to complete their assessment within 6 weeks since the course, the learner can put in a request for a time extension, but this must be accompanied by a valid reason for the extension.


Learners must have completed the level 3 course with HATA or another accredited organisation before undertaking the level 4.

Course Credentials:

The course is accredited by the Open College Network (OCN).

A credit is a way of measuring and valuing your learning and it indicates the amount of learning which has taken place. It is a consistent measure of achievement which can be applied across all programmes and units within a programme. The level at which a credit is achieved indicates the complexity, range and amount of autonomy involved in the learning.

The Level 3 Course Content (2 Days in the classroom):

These are some of the topic areas covered during the course:

  • • Role and responsibilities of the Maternity Nurse
  • • Health and care of newborns: bathing and skin/hair care, cord care, illness, safety and hygiene
  • • Infant feeding: breastfeeding, tongue tie, winding, bottle feeding
  • • Sleep in newborns, swaddling, Sudden Infant Death Sydrome
  • • Health and care of mothers in the postnatal period: diet and nutrition, emotional support, postnatal depression, rest and healing
  • • Working with families: attachment and bonding, routines, understanding cultural variations, assertiveness, professionalism
  • • Working as a Maternity Nurse: Self-Employment, contracts, interviews and CV, getting work as a Maternity Nurse

The Level 4 Course (2 Days in the classroom) :

The level 4 course should only be attended by students who have already gained some experience as a maternity nurse (or junior maternity nurse) and completed the Level 3 course with HATA or another accredited organisation.

The course content:

  • • Developmental stages from foetal development to 1 years age
  • • Understanding how ethnicity, gender and disability shape early childhood experiences
  • • Theories associated with attachment and maternal separation
  • • Feeding problems and solutions
  • • Identifying suitable methods for increasing milk supply
  • • Working with babies with GER and GERD
  • • Postnatal Depression
  • • Understanding legislation for safeguarding and welfare of young children
  • • Caring for babies with additional needs
  • • Evaluating personal values and beliefs when working as Maternity Nurse
  • • Identifying limitations of a Maternity Nurse

About the trainers:

The course is instructed by Julie Heginbottom, experienced Maternity Nurse and Sleep Consultant. Julie has 23 years' experience in childcare including as a nanny, maternity nurse and sleep consultant. She holds an NNEB, a degree in Early Years and is a qualified nutritional therapist, childcare tutor and assessor. Julie has worked extensively with many different families through her own consultancy and aims to empower parents, finding solutions that fit their lifestyle and philosophy rather than advocating a one-size-fits-all approach. As a trainer Julie applies these same principles, prioritising up-to-date, essential information but allowing each student to find their own niche. Julie has collaborated with HATA on a wide range of courses, bringing us her considerable experience and perspective as a nanny and maternity nurse.

The course team also includes Carmen Pagor, RN (child), RHV, IBCLC.

Carmen Pagor is a trained nursery nurse, Registered Children’s Nurse, Health Visitor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She has extensive experience in acute and community settings and in health promotion and preventative work. To become an IBCLC she undertook specialist education in human lactation, completed over 1000 clinical hours supporting breastfeeding mothers and their babies and sat the board certification examination. She enjoys supporting families to achieve their breastfeeding goals and sharing her experience and knowledge to equip HATA learners with the skills to nurture families and provide up to date, research based care.



I love the Maternity Course, it was very informative and very personal.

Miriam V.

The topic were very well explained and Tutor was very approachable and gave us lots of great practical advice.

Maria CH.

The group was small and I did not expect that I would enjoy it so much. I love the fact that we had lots of opportunities to share our experience with other nannies and tutor.


Training Location

We are based in London Victoria, about a 10 minute walk from the main train station.


If paying in full:
£425.00 – Level 3
£299.00– Level 4 ( must have completed Level 3)
£644.00 – Level 3 & 4

£425.00 – Level 5 (Coming Soon)

If paying in instalments

Course Booking Fee & Instalment Plan Total

Level 3 £40 fee then £20 for 20 weeks £440.00
Level 4 ( if you completed Level 3) £40 fee then £25 for 11 weeks £275.00
Level 3 & 4 £40 fee then £25 for 25 weeks £665.00

BOOK on 020 3551 9373 or online

BOOK Level 3 or Level 3&4 here:

Level 4:

Why choose HATA Maternity course?

  • Free CPD Courses throughout the year
  • Excellent Central London location
  • Qualified tutors with years of experience
  • Very affordable payment plan starting from £20 per week
  • Placement, work-experience scheme
  • Post-qualification support

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