Potty Training (18m+)

About The Workshop:

‘Early Potty Training (18m+) is a Continuing Professional Development course which focuses on the philosophies and developmental processes around potty training.

Courses are held in Central London (Victoria).


The students  will receive certificate of attendance at the end of the course.


There is no assessment.


There are no pre-requisites to attend this workshop.

The Workshop Content:

This sessions covers the broad approach to potty training that parents are likely to come across when looking for advice – on books, online and from health visitors and doctors. You will find out where the approach comes from and the concerns that lead to such radical change in the first place. You then approach potty training as a developmental process, covering how to start ‘early’ and still have confidence that it will end well, explaining the decision to others, and how to give everyone realistic expectations for how long it will take and how reliable the child will be. You will also get pointers about night training and advice on how to waterproof the bed in case of accidents.

About the trainer:

Jenn Philpott is a mother of four and baby-led potty training enthusiast. She came across the technique when her eldest daughter was 6 months old, and the evolutionary and cultural history immediately appealed to her. She tried it out, was delighted to find that it worked, and never looked back. She used a potty from birth with her next 3 children and has been teaching parents how to get started themselves for over seven years. Jenn explores the philosophy and developmental processes surrounding potty training and infant hygiene with learners while giving practical tips and tricks. Her enthusiastic and interactive teaching style makes what can be a daunting topic approachable and fun.


I love HATA, I have done few courses now and all were very informative and fun.

Jessica S.

Training Location:

We are based in London Victoria, about a 10 minute walk from the main station.

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