CACHE Courses with HATA Explained

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CACHE Courses with HATA Explained

If you are seriously thinking about the childcare profession have a look at these 2 distance learning courses:

  • CACHE Level 3 AWARD in Preparing to Work in Home Based Childcare (QCF)
  • CACHE Level 3 DIPLOMA for Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) (QCF)

They are both well respected and recognised qualifications, which should give you that competitive edge, valuable knowledge and more confidence from parents in you.

Both courses sound so similar, however they are very different:



Entry Requirements for our CACHE Courses:

1. Have a current UK Living Address (will need to be able to prove this with a utility bill/bank statement when registering)
2. Valid and Up to date Passport or UK Driving License
3. Valid and Up to date DBS Check (If you do not have this we can apply for one for you, this will add an extra cost of £70 to the course)
4. Previous educational certificates, from UK or abroad
5. Be over the age of 16
6. Good level of written and spoken English
7. Some experience in childcare, please specify if yes (CACHE AWARD ONLY)

When starting the course it may seem quite daunting and intense, this is why before you register we send you a copy of the learner handbook so you can see exactly what will be required of you to complete the course. Do not fear though as you will not be alone whilst completing the course. To help assist and guide you to you completion date you will have contact with Alice Parrish who will be you assessor.
If you think that one of these courses sounds like it could be right for you then get in touch and we can help get you started.

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