Work Experience Opportunities

Work Experience Opportunities


Placements Available:

Glasgow, Scotland

Hours: Flexible, to be agreed with the family

Pay: 300 GBP per week

Ages: Newborn due in April 2017

Start Date: 1st May 2017 (4 weeks)

Details: The family are expecting their second baby in April, they have a 17-month old daughter.They are looking for a live-in Trainee Maternity Nurse to look after the newborn baby. Own bedroom available and meals included.

Rogate, West Sussex

Hours: Usually nights Only

Ages: Newborn twin boys, due February 2017

Start date: Mid-February

Details: The family are expecting identical twin boys. There are already two children aged 2 (boy) and 1 (girl), however the Maternity Trainee Nurse would only be in charge of the newborns. The family are friendly, open and keen on working as a team with the candidate. There is a spare room available for the candidate’s use. Meals are included.

Battersea, London

Hours: 5 Days a week, Monday-Friday (mainly nights but some days too)

Ages: Newborn due March/April 2017

Start Date: March/April 2017 (4-6weeks)

Details: The family are expecting their first baby. They are looking for a trainee Maternity Nurse who ideally has done some work placement before. The family have a bedroom available for overnight stay (to be shared with the baby).


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