Work Experience

Work Experience

Virtually all employers focus primarily on two things when recruiting domestic staff – qualifications and experience. Getting industry-accepted qualifications, like those provided by HATA, are fairly straight forward – you put the work in, study hard, and you are rewarded with the appropriate qualification. Gaining actual work experience, however, is not necessarily that easy. Potential employers will generally shy away from individuals who have little experience.

To help you to gain this all important experience, and with a view to getting excellent references along with it, HATA provides access to 2 main ways of getting experience as a maternity nurse – our innovative placement scheme and our work experience advertisement service. Both of these are provided at no cost to you or to the families.newborn2_82232773[1]


Placements are with families who have at least one baby under 6 months who are happy to welcome trainee maternity nurses into their home to observe and learn. They are unpaid but the hours are much more flexible and can be arranged to suit you and the family. We do our best to find enough families so that every maternity nurse trainee can add this to their CV.

HATA provide you with a table reflecting the skills you should be able to demonstrate as a maternity nurse and the families are asked to accommodate you as much as possible. This is a chance for you to demonstrate that you are not only confident about dealing with young babies but also able to work with a family, no matter what their individual parenting style is.

Placement opportunities are sent out via our maternity nurse mailing list, listed on our Facebook page and put on our placements and work experience page.

Work experience

From time to time we can also offer paid work experience opportunities. These may not be traditional 24/5 or 24/6 maternity roles, and they may not be well paid, but they are often a good foot in the door.

HATA do not act as an agency by negotiating conditions on your behalf. While we are here to support and advise you we think it’s important that you get experience of doing these things yourself.

For both the placement scheme and work experience service we send families a brief profile that you have filled in detailing your experience and availability. When you reply to an email with a vacancy you are interested in please tell us which vacancy you would like to be put forward for and include this profile.

To participate in the HATA work experience program you must have the following:

  • Up to date CV with personal statement
  • DBS check
  • A successfully completed qualification with HATA
  • Childcare references
  • Insurance
  • Valid First Aid Certificate

For our latest placement and work experience positions, please visit us on our Facebook page.

Hata-home_slider_3Our team is on hand to support you every step of the way, especially in these first few jobs, from business advice to the finer points of family dynamics. We know from experience that it takes time and support to find your feet as a maternity nurse.

There are no limits to the number of placements you can do or the number of work experience jobs you can apply for. Even experienced maternity nurses may want to develop their skills in a different area, such as working with breastfeeding mothers or families with multiples and we encourage to you continue to make use of these opportunities. We want you to be the best maternity nurse you can be.

To apply for the work experience program, please send your documents to [KK4]

Other ways to gain experience:

We encourage HATA trained maternity nurses to ask their clients if a trainee can shadow them at work. Any opportunities like this are also sent out on the mailing list.

You can contact local antenatal teachers, midwives or charities. We are happy to vouch for the content of our course and verify your qualification.



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