Information for families

Information for families

HATA Ltd provides a range of core training and professional development courses for childcarers such as nannies, nursery workers and childminders. Our courses are developed for us by experts in their fields and delivered by those experts or experienced, vocationally competent trainers.

HATA Ltd arranges student placements for our course participants to gain experience and references for their future career as a nanny or in other childcare roles. We are always happy to hear from families who could offer opportunities, particularly to non-medical Maternity Nurses, Sleep Consultants and childcarers seeking experience of children with autism.

Maternity Nurses and Sleep Consultants are usually well experienced nannies who are looking to expand their skills through training or change their career. Maternity Nurses will be looking for families with new-borns or very small babies, and Sleep Consultants for older babies or children with sleep problems.  As with any placement with a newly qualified apprentice, the parents must give support and guidance and not expect to leave the student in sole charge. You an find out more about what can be expected here.

If you are interested in providing a placement or work experience you can read more about interviewing and booking a Newly Qualified Maternity Nurse. baby feet_130977194[1]

Feedback and references

You should provide feedback throughout the placement. The work experience scheme is designed to provide childcarers with a chance to gain experience and references, and by offering a placement you undertake to write a reference at the end.

The trainee will be able to provide you with a table of competencies based on the learning objectives for the course. Throughout the placement you should provide opportunities for them to demonstrate these skills and give them feedback. Even if you feel confident in your own abilities please allow the trainee to ‘teach’ you so they can practice communicating with parents and transmitting information in a professional manner.

The same skill may have multiple, dated entries to show progression over the course of the placement. Where it is not possible for a trainee to demonstrate a skill, for example techniques for sterilising bottles and preparing formula because your baby is exclusively breastfed, please mark N/A in the ‘Not demonstrated’ column.

At the end of the placement or work experience you will be expected to write references and give a  feedback about any weakness and suggestions you might have for her whilst also highlighting any positive experiences you had from the placement.

To register your vacancy, please call us on 020 3551 9373 or send an email to

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