Maternity Nursing (non-medical) Course – OCN Level 3 & 4

Importance of a Maternity Nurse

Maternity nurses play a significant role in supporting and helping postnatal mothers take care of their newborn babies. They are experienced nurses having great expertise in dealing with little babies who need adult supervision. It is the responsibility of a maternity nurse to carry out all the duties that are related to mother and baby care.

The role of a maternity nurse is enjoyable, yet challenging. From taking care of the infants, to managing other aspects such as washing baby bottles or clothes, a maternity nurse has to fulfil her duties professionally. She needs to pay close attention towards every minor to major detail.

What makes a good maternity nurse?


A good and reliable maternity nurse is the one who has in-depth knowledge regarding baby and mother care. She should have hands-on experience in dealing with infants and teaching mothers to take care of themselves and babies. She will be an expert in assessing and monitoring others.

How our course can help make you a qualified/experienced maternity nurse?

If you want to step into the field of maternity nursing or broaden your experience in looking after newborns, then we have the best possible course to help you do that. Here at HATA we offer an impactful and professional Maternity Nursing (Non-Medical) Course, OCN (Open College Network) Levels 3 & 4 to help you achieve your goals. Our course is suitable for those who are new to the industry and have a passion for maternity nursing. It also does wonders for women who are already experienced but want to get a qualification to enhance their profile.

Our level 3 requires you to attend classes for 2 days. However, if you want to go far in the maternity nursing field, then it is wise to opt for level 4. For this level, you need to attend 4 classes (2 weekends). During the course of the learning, you get to interact with a lot of people and most importantly the trainer/instructor. Your instructor shares her experiences and guides you on all the essential aspects associated with mother and baby care.


You are required to complete level 3 from HATA or any other accredited organisation to take level 4

What if I am unable to attend classes?

You don’t need to worry if you are unable to fit the schedule of the classes around your home or work life, you can rest assure that you can pursue your dream career with us. We offer distance learning at HATA to help you study anytime and from anywhere around the world!

All you need is a computer and a good internet connection. You can develop your career without compromising on your responsibilities because our course offers flexibility and freedom. It is designed with innovative techniques to boost your learning and experience. The trainers apply effective teaching methods to help you gain insight into maternity nursing. While teaching, our trainers incorporate the latest research, reflective learning and interactive techniques to stimulate your learning experience.

You can always contact us to get more information on the course. We are more than happy to guide and assist you. Send your queries to to learn more.


Instructors gauge the learning and performance of students through assessment, this shows how much a student has learned so far. Once the course is complete, the learners receive assessment tasks and are given a duration of 6 weeks to finish. However, they can always contact their tutors for help in case they get stuck on any part of the assessment. The instructors will subside the confusion by guiding on the topics.

The assessment can be sent to the trainer via email or post. The instructor examines the answers and gives marks accordingly and the students are informed about their results with feedback. At HATA we receive the information from the instructors regarding the students who have passed the assessment. We then send a request to OCN to issue a certificate to the deserving candidates.

It should be noted that we might show leniency towards students who are unable to complete their assessment within 6 weeks due to valid reasons. We may extend the time required to submit the assessment if the learner puts in a request for a time extension. However, it is a must to state a genuine reason for an extension.


On the successful completion of the course, you will receive two certificates. One from OCN on passing the required credits and the other from HATA stating the level you passed at.


If paying in full:
£425.00 – Level 3
£525.00 – Level 4
£644.00 – Level 3 & 4

£425.00 – Level 5 (Coming January 2018)


If paying in instalments:

Course Booking Fee & Instalment Plan Total
Level 3 £40 fee then £20 for 20 weeks £440.00
Level 4 £40 fee then £25 for 20 weeks £540.00
Level 3 & 4 £40 fee then £25 for 25 weeks £665.00


BOOK on 020 3551 9373 or online:

Calendar for Distance Learning

Course outline for Level 3

Here are some of the main topics that will be covered in the classes

Health and care of infants

  • Duties of a maternity nurse
  • Baby care such as bathing, feeding, health, cord care and hygiene
  • Dealing with critical situations such as caring for the premature or unsettled babies
  • Colic symptoms and treatment
  • Reflux symptoms and treatment
  • Infant feeding such as breastfeeding, tongue tie, winding, bottle feeding
  • Newborn sleep, swaddling and Sudden Infant Death syndrome
  • Analysing and solving baby sleep problems
  • Serious illnesses in newborns

Health and care of mothers

  • Health of mother during the crucial days after giving birth
  • Postnatal mood disorders
  • Diet plan for mothers
  • Emotional support to mothers
  • Postnatal depression
  • Attachment with families and working with people with different cultures

Working as a maternity nurse

  • Self-employment
  • Contracts
  • Interviews and CVs
  • Getting work as a maternity nurse

Course Outline for level 4

Students who already have some experience in maternity nursing and completed level 3 from HATA or other accredited organisation are eligible to undertake level 4. During the course, the learners will have the opportunity to meet with fresh maternity nurses. They will share their experiences with the new professionals, thus helping them to learn more about maternity nursing. Learners will discuss the issues and challenges they face being a maternity nurse. They will analyse their working procedures to make sure they are on the right track.

The topics covered in the course are:

  • Stages of foetal development to 1 year
  • Effect of ethnicity, gender and disability on a child
  • Theories regarding maternal attachment and separation
  • Feeding problems and their solutions
  • Methods to increase the milk supply
  • Postnatal depression

Our trainers

At HATA, we understand how important this course is for students striving to gain grounds in maternity nursing. To cater to their requirements, we have chosen the best possible trainers and practitioners who have years of experience in dealing with mothers and babies. You can rest assured that with their guidance and support, you will get in-depth knowledge regarding all the practices associated with maternity nursing. Our experienced trainers include:

Rebecca Tieken

The course is taught by Rebecca Tieken RM BSc (Hons). Rebecca has been a member of Independent Midwives UK (IMUK) since 2014 and was elected onto the Board of IMUK in 2016. She is a member of the Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Nursing, and is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

In her spare time she contributes to articles on, practices yoga, and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Carmen Pagor

Carmen was a nursery nurse who soon realised her passion for working with families. To pursue her dream job position, she went on for training as a paediatric nurse and worked in acute and community settings. She realised the importance of health promotion and the preventive measures that should be taken to keep ones’ body fit and healthy. Carmen completed her BSc (Hons) from Kings College London and became a health visitor. However, her thirst for knowledge and practice remained the same. She completed a breastfeeding specialist course to become eligible for the position of international Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). During the course, she gave over thousand hours to support breastfeeding mothers and their babies. All the efforts, hard work and studies have made Carmen a trained Nursery Nurse, Registered Children’s Nurse, Health Visitor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Now, she is a part of HATA as well. She contributes towards making the students learn all about breastfeeding by sharing her knowledge and experience. Her goal is to provide families with all support and care to help them empower themselves

Rosie Goode

Rosie Goode is one of the renowned and widely chosen Hypnobirthing Specialists in the UK. She is a qualified Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing teacher, BabyCalm trainer and teacher and NCT postnatal teacher. She has guided and taught over 2500 couples. Her success and professionalism can be gauged by the fact that she has been consulted by the friends and family of Prince William and Kate. Not just this, Rosie is highly recommended by a range of midwives and doctors in London. Being a member of NHS, she shares her experience and practices to teach mothers and help them have a positive birth.

Rosie founded Hypnobirthing Works in 2004. The reason for the establishment of the organisation was her major concern regarding positive births. She has been teaching Hypnobirthing to midwives, obstetricians, GPs and psychologists since 2004. She played her part in setting up the UK HB Group at the London Baby Show and in running HB Study Days in 2004-6.

Rosie has great command over the therapeutic techniques (recognised by NICE). She assists women in releasing trauma associated with first birth, PTSD and postnatal depression.

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